About us

Welcome to our family! Madrona Supply Co. is a labor of love, rooted in community and a passion for handcrafted goods. Since 2015, we've been providing visitors and locals alike with a unique shopping experience that celebrates the best of Whidbey Island.

The Story of our Historic Home

More than just a store, Madrona Supply Co. resides within the heart of Clinton's history. Our home, this iconic mid-century building, has stood proudly since 1950, witnessing the town's evolution and embodying the spirit of community.

Born as a Hardware Haven

Its life began as a family-owned hardware store, serving the needs of Clinton residents for 24 years. Imagine the clatter of hammers, the scent of fresh paint, and the generations who passed through its doors, building their homes and dreams alongside the store.

A Tapestry of Businesses

The following (1974-2019)45 years saw the building transform into a vibrant tapestry of businesses, each adding a unique thread to its rich history. From a lively pizza place to home furnishing stores, to a relaxing nail spa, it continued to be a central hub for Clinton's community, echoing with laughter and the hum of activity.

Making and Supporting Local

At Madrona Supply Co., we are passionate about supporting local makers and small businesses. We partner with over 40 talented artisans who infuse their creativity and love into every piece. And of course, we create our own screenprinted apparel and home goods in-house, allowing you to witness the process firsthand.

A legacy of Community

This iconic downtown Clinton building has been family-owned since its inception in 1950. It was purpose-built as a hardware store and operated as such for 24 years. In the 45 years that followed, it would be home to dozens of businesses.

In 2019, it was sold and a new family moved their own business into this building. Once again, a family business was back in the old hardware store space. Along the way, as a company and a community, we enjoy the history, through stories that continue to be told and the beauty of its original mid-century design.

More Than Products, It's a Feeling

We believe in creating a welcoming and inspiring space where you can discover unique treasures, connect with the community, and feel the heart of Whidbey Island.

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